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This month, we highlight the HPE GreenLake Developer portal, where you can find great reference material and the foundational APIs that we’ve been referencing in our recent 3-part blog series. We also cover how to build out your private cloud with HPE GreenLake for Private Cloud Enterprise, helping you backup and restore stateful applications on Kubernetes clusters using Kasten K10 and add a monitoring stack using Prometheus and Grafana.

In other HPE GreenLake stories, we focus on bare metal provisioning with HPE GreenLake for Compute Ops Management and Ansible. We also provide insight into Redfish®, and how to fine-tune even larger LLM models with Determined.

Lastly, check out our April webinars to learn more on the transformative impact of Generative AI and better understand the growing family of data services APIs for HPE GreenLake. Enjoy!

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Tech examining realtime solar collection panels
How to backup and restore stateful applications on K8s using Kasten K10

See how Kasten 10 provides a user-friendly interface for easy and reliable backup and restores of stateful applications running in a cluster on HPE GreenLake for Private Cloud Enterprise.
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Woman monitoring operations in a factory through large glass window
Use Prometheus & Grafana to add a monitoring stack to a K8s cluster

View the process used to deploy and set up Prometheus and Grafana as a monitoring stack in a K8s cluster in HPE GreenLake for Private Cloud Enterprise.

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Get started with the foundational APIs for the HPE GreenLake edge-to-cloud platform – Part 3
Expanding on what we showed you in Parts 1 and 2, this post explores the set of REST API calls used for tracking activities in the workspace and monitoring the overall health of HPE services and products.
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New Workshop-on-Demand! Dive in the foundational APIs for the HPE GreenLake edge-to-cloud platform
HPE GreenLake edge-to-cloud platform (also referred to as the HPE GreenLake platform), provides a set of foundational, common services that are used by cloud services that run on top of the HPE GreenLake platform. Cloud services rely on these foundational, common services for user's authentication, authorization, devices and subscriptions management, monitoring, audit trail and more. Take this WoD to get started with the HPE GreenLake platform APIs using tools such as cURL, Python, and Powershell.
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Bare metal provisioning with HPE GreenLake for Compute Ops Management and Ansible
Find out how you can streamline your server deployments with an exciting new GitHub project that helps you harness these tools for optimal bare metal provisioning.
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Getting started with the HPE GreenLake Developer Portal
Learn how to access APIs, make API calls to select services, and take full advantage of all that’s offered on the HPE GreenLake Developer Portal in this post.
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Why is Redfish different from other REST APIs?
In this 2-part blog series, learn details about Redfish®, its history, some of its peculiarities, and the unique properties that are contributing it the massive adoption of this “hypermedia API” by equipment manufacturers.
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Read Part 2
Finetuning Mistral-7B with LoRA and DeepSpeed
Building on the work done in last month’s post on LLM finetuning, this blog post shows you how to finetune a much larger model, Mistral-7B, for the same text-to-SQL task.
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Determined AI weekly updates
See what’s new on the AI radar in these recent Determined AI blog posts.
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The transformative impact of Generative AI on Telco products
April 17, 2024 5pm CET/ 8am PT
We’ll be showcasing a PoC for an innovative application that demonstrates a bot capable of retrieving information and executing commands on Athonet 5G Networks. Utilizing an LLM as a core Reasoning Engine, the PoC highlights the integration of advanced AI capabilities without compromising human or customer data security. Thanks to AI, this product self-improves through the analysis of customer interactions, boosting personalization and operational efficiency.
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HPE Meetup technology talks icon
The data services family of APIs for HPE GreenLake – Putting it all together
April 24, 2024 5pm CET/ 8am PT
HPE recently announced a set of data services APIs for the HPE GreenLake platform. In this session, we will help you understand the benefits of these API sets, how to interact with them, and their relationship to APIs published earlier. We will cover:
  • The earlier DSCC API that was published in 2021, including Data Ops Manager and Block Services
  • The Backup and Recovery API
  • The Private Cloud Business Edition API
  • The Virtualization API
  • The Data Services API
All of these APIs enable the manipulation of consumable resources for hybrid cloud management of both on-premises HPE products and public cloud providers.

A team of product managers and architects will also present how the consumption of this API family can accelerate the adoption of HPE GreenLake through automation and monitoring.
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