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In the early days of HP, when an engineer shared his or her tools, it was called the Next Bench. These tools would help make their job and other engineers jobs better. Today, it's called Open Source, but we call it our culture.

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Innovation through Collaboration

At Hewlett Packard Enterprise, we value development and collaboration. The power of our engineering teams with the open source community benefits all internally and externally alike. Our long history of innovation through collaboration and community engagement continually informs our development processes.

Contribute: Participate in cutting edge innovation

Simplifying consumption of technology is as important as creating technology. Use-case based solutions are key to using technology in the world of Hybrid IT. Partnering with and enabling users to contribute their ideas is a business imperative.

Engineering a Future for All Developers

We're building solutions for the New Style of IT. We offer a strong foundation in Cloud, Big Data, Mobility and Security. With targeted development in each of these key areas, we also sponsor, lead and contribute to open source communities.

Hewlett Packard Enterprise is the only company with the innovation and leadership in the enterprise and open source communities to help developers and customers exceed. See the great things we can build together.

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