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A look ahead at 2019 - Newsletter

Our 2019 goals are all about expansion into new and different areas of the community so you can help us on how we automate and drive improvement. HPE DEV represents the tip of the spear for these activities and we’ll be collaborating closely with our technology partners like RedHat, Chef, and SaltStack to create more innovative code which we can all benefit.

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HPE DEV At Discover - Newsletter

As we wrap up 2018, I want to offer a quick recap of our very cool event we hosted at HPE Discover Madrid. In this issue, we’ll also highlight several of the new how-to blogs published on the HPE DEV site and look ahead at what we have in store for 2019.

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Building Partnerships - Newsletter

This month we wanted to talk about partnerships and cross-enterprise collaboration. I’ll let Mark Potter, Chief Technology Officer at HPE and Director of Hewlett Packard Labs, tell you how these partnerships impact the collaboration and work in the HPE DEV community.

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Design at HPE DEV - Newsletter

Let's talk about design! Welcome back, everyone. It’s Said from the Developer Community at Hewlett Packard Enterprise. This month I’m excited to share some interesting news about HPE’s commitment to design...

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Welcome to the HPE DEV Newsletter

Welcome Aboard! Hey there, Said Syed here. I’m the Head of Developer Experience Programs at Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE). Chances are good you’ve met me at the HPE DEV events, or that you’ve interacted with me on the HPE DEV portal...

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