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The HPE DEV Hack Shack

The HPE Developer Community presents the HPE DEV Hack Shack, a free, online community gathering place that’s always open. Gather with other developers, data scientists, and technologists to get hands-on experience with popular open source and HPE technologies in our Workshops-on-Demand. Learn more about these technologies in our video replays and HPE Ezmeral Learn On Demand library. Pose questions to our Slack channel, sign up for our Newsletter, or connect to our HPE DEV portal, where you can access numerous tutorials and GitHub repositories. Or simply spend some time relaxing and playing games. You can access it all here, from wherever you are.

HPE DEV Munch & Learn series

The HPE DEV monthly Munch & Learn technology talks are free, 60-minute sessions where you can listen to and engage with leading technology experts who offer valuable insights into today’s most popular technologies. A different topic is presented each month. In our February 24, 2021 session, Nigel Poulton, Kubernetes technology author, will introduce you to Tom Phelan, HPE Fellow and Ezmeral Software Platform CTO at HPE. Register for this talk to hear more about container architectures and how they can leverage the Kubernetes Container Orchestrator to deploy and manage stateful, as well as microservice-based, applications.