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JSConf US is the only conference where you can learn how to push your favorite language beyond the confines of the browser into robots and video games

HPE+SUSE Redfish Workshop

This one-day event, co-located with the Linux Foundation Open Source Summit, runs from 9:00am – 5:00pm at the Hilton San Diego Bayfront. In this workshop, system administrators, architects, and developers will see live demos, interact with Redfish technical experts, and learn how to use Redfish as a standard management layer to deploy, configure, and manage an environment. Please note: Due to the limited number of seats available for this event, registration is required.

Open Source Summit NA

Open Source Summit provides an opportunity for developers, technologists, industry experts, and others who are driving technology forward, to collaborate and share ideas with their peers, create richer open source communities, grow their technical skills. Join the rest of the community at this Linux Foundation event being held in San Diego, California.

React Rally Utah

Facebook's React has taken client side development by storm. From single-page apps, to server rendering, to native mobile, to apps on your TV, React is everywhere. Come hear from the best and the brightest in the React community about what makes it so incredible.

VM World

There’s something for everyone at VMworld, the preeminent digital infrastructure event of the year. From deep-dive technical breakout sessions to visionary keynote addresses to hands-on training, the breadth and depth of information will help you drive your career forward.


Our audience consists primarily of very experienced UX / CX / Product / Service Design leaders, strategists, researchers, and designers, so presentation and workshop proposals should be targeted to this audience. Our key selection criteria are rigor, depth and transparency.

KubeCon San Diego

The Cloud Native Computing Foundation’s flagship conference gathers adopters and technologists from leading open source and cloud native communities in San Diego, California from November 18-21, 2019. Join Kubernetes, Prometheus, Envoy, CoreDNS, OpenTracing, Fluentd, gRPC, containerd, rkt, CNI, Jaeger, Notary, TUF, Vitess, NATS, Linkerd, Helm, Harbor and etcd as the community gathers for four days to further the education and advancement of cloud native computing.

AWS re:Invent

AWS re:Invent features deeper technical content, hands-on learning opportunities, keynote announcements, and more access to AWS experts than ever.