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Connect with the experts to dive deep and learn more about some of today’s most exciting technologies. In these meetups, speakers will discuss specific products in detail and collaborate with you to determine how they may help in your particular situation.

Hosted by the HPE Developer Community, these meetups are held on a monthly basis at 5PM CET (8AM PST).  Read more about Meetups in this blog post.

31-Jul-24Vendor-Neutral GPU Programming in ChapelJade Abraham / Engin KayrakliogluHPERegister
26-Jun-24Implementing Centralized Key Management in HPE GreenLake with Thales CipherTrustJeff CeasonThales DIS CPLRegister
29-May-24Using HPE GreenLake for Red Hat OpenShift to migrate, modernize and run your applications smoothlyRussell Clark / Ian LawsonHPE / Red HatReplay
24-Apr-24The data services family of APIs for HPE GreenLake – Putting it all togetherPaul Murray / Edgard Lopez / Ronald DharmaHPEReplay
27-Mar-24Enabling business automation using HPE GreenLake Platform foundational APIsHPE Dev TeamHPEReplay
28-Feb-24Getting Started with HPE Aruba Networking Central automationAlvin Castro / Karthik Satheesh KumarHPEReplay
31-Jan-24Getting started with HPE GreenLake for Compute Ops Management APIsSebastian SchagererHPEReplay
29-Nov-23Automated continuous deployment of container-based applications onto HPE GreenLake for Private Cloud EnterprisePavan Belur Gopalakrishna Upadhya, Ruma Nandi, Sonu SudhakaranHPEReplay
25-Oct-23Going from containers, to pods, to Kubernetes – help for your developer environments!Cedric Clyburn / Evan ShortissRed HatReplay
27-Sep-23DevOps Alert: Tool Sprawl. Complexity. Burnout. Help!Chris MunfordNethopperReplay
26-Jul-23Observability in ActionNeil PearsonOpsRamp/HPEReplay
31-May-23HPE Machine Learning Development Environment and the open source ML advantageIsha GhodgaonkarDetermined AI/HPEReplay
26-Apr-23Divide and conquer with Micro FrontendsVishal SharmaThoughtWorksReplay
29-Mar-23Collaborating at scale with PostmanBryan CrossPostmanReplay
22-Feb-23Galadriel - An alternative approach to SPIRE federationMaximiliano Churichi/Max LambrechtHPEReplay
25-Jan-23HPE GreenLake and Infrastructure-as-Code (IaC)Eamonn O’TooleHPEReplay
17-Jan-23HPE Ezmeral Unified AnalyticsMatt MorrisHPEReplay
14-Dec-22Running reliable systems - Part 2: Service level objective (SLO) MathLeonid YankulinGoogle CloudReplay
7-Dec-22Running reliable systems - Part 1: An Overview of Site Reliability Engineering (SRE)Leonid YankulinGoogle CloudReplay
30-Nov-22Introduction to KubeflowSouheil Inati/Chase ChristensenArrikto
26-Oct-22Boost Spark AI workloads with PepperdataHeidi Carson/Kirk LewisPepperdataReplay
28-Sep-22Machine Learning Data Version Control (DVC): Reproducibility and Collaboration in your ML ProjectsAlex KimIterativeReplay
31-Aug-22OpenTelemetry: Getting Started and The Road to ProductionMichael HabermanAspectoReplay
27-Jul-22Finding vulnerabilities in production with open source ThreatMapperOwen GarrettDeepfenceReplay
22-Jun-22OpenSearch – The open-source search and analytics suite you can run yourselfDavid TippettAWSReplay
25-May-22Scaling Language Training to Trillion-parameter Models on a GPU ClusterEvan SparksHewlett Packard EnterpriseReplay
27-Apr-22Decoupled policy enforcement with Open Policy AgentAnders EknertStyraReplay
30-Mar-22HPE + vFunction: Modernizing Legacy Applications and Data Sources FasterSamantha Cartwright / Amir RapsonvFunctionReplay
23-Feb-22Streamlit - The fastest way to build and share data science appsArnaud MiribelStreamlit.ioReplay
26-Jan-22Quarkus - Supersonic Subatomic JavaDimitris AndreadisRedHatReplay

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