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Munch & Learn Technology Talks

Join our free, one-hour webinars to hear from and engage with renowned technologists as they share thought-leadership insights on popular HPE and open source technologies. Get your questions answered while sharing a recipe or two.

Hosted by the HPE Developer Community, these gatherings are held on a monthly basis at 5PM CET (8AM PST). You can read more about Munch & Learn Technology Talks in this blog post.

12-Jun-24How digital twins help companies reach their sustainability goalsCullen Bash / Gallig RenaudReplay
17-Apr-24The Transformative Impact of Generative AI on Telco ProductsAntonio FinReplay
20-Mar-24Learn how AI hackers detect fragility and how to thwart them with AI model resilienceSoumyendu Sarkar / Ashwin Ramesh Babu / Sajad MousaviReplay
21-Feb-24Secure GenAI Adoption for all!Glyn Bowden / Tom Phelan / Saad ZaherReplay
24-Jan-24Using HPE GreenLake edge-to-cloud platform to build a private cloudDon WakeReplay
13-Dec-23Exploring HPE GreenLake Platform APIs through use casesPallavi PathakReplay
15-Nov-23Optimizing deep neural network inference workloadsHana Malha / Lindsey HillesheimReplay
18-Oct-23The open-source advantage: Exploring machine learning through thought leadershipAmber Graner / Chase ChristensenReplay
20-Sep-23State of the Nation – Linux distributionsCraig LamparterReplay
14-Jun-23Digital Twins, the Metaverse, and Augmented Reality: Developer Insights and IT Foundations for Immersive Technologies Powered by AIJames Hopfenblatt / Marcus Bonner / Garry OrsoliniReplay
24-May-23A New Era of Software Development: Embracing Large Language Model Tools like ChatGPT for Iterative Problem SolvingJeff Fougere / Andrew Nieuwsma / Jim SchreckengastReplay
19-Apr-23Leveraging Tech to Address Global Challenges & HealthFred TanReplay
15-Mar-23Quantum computing insights from HPE Labs: Extraordinary Claims Require Extraordinary Engineering (and TAMO isn’t an option)Kirk BresnikerReplay
15-Feb-23Accelerating scientific research through high performance computing democratizationAndrew Shao / Scott BachmanReplay
16-Nov-22Calling all citizen developers: Can low-code platforms accelerate your impact?Jeffrey Fougere / Richard Kerridge / Colin Lue KingReplay
19-Oct-22HPE Sustainability Strategy and Sustainability Research at Hewlett Packard LabsTiffani Jarnigan / Cullen BashReplay
21-Sep-22Accelerate public sector AI use cases using a powerful ML Ops platformFrançois Réthoré / Dietrich ZinsouReplay
17-Aug-22Machines learn from data to be artificially intelligentDr. Eng Lim GohReplay
18-May-22Why Open Source is more than Software: The example of The Linux Foundation's AgStack projectTed Dunning / Sumer JohalReplay
20-Apr-22Chapel: Making parallel computing as easy as Py(thon), from laptops to supercomputersBrad ChamberlainReplay
23-Mar-22Mithril: Introducing Robust Identities into Istio by integrating with SPIREPraneetha Manthravadi / Mithril engineering teamReplay
16-Feb-22Golden Age of AI, Dark Ages of AI InfrastructureNeil ConwayReplay
19-Jan-22Location, location, location! Succeed at the Edge with HPE Ezmeral and NVIDIADenis Vilfort / William BentonReplay
08-Dec-21Redfish: Past, Present and FutureJeff Hilland / Jeff Autor / François DonzéReplay
17-Nov-21The Great Unification: Building Analytic pipelines with Apache Spark WorkloadsMatt Hausmann / Donald (Don) Wake / Matthew MorrisReplay
22-Sep-21Digital Transformation.Next: Data & Analytics WorkloadsMatt Maccaux / Randy ThomassonReplay
25-Aug-21Kubernetes 101Nigel Poulton / Didier LalliReplay
28-Jul-21How to make data consumable for real-world data scienceEllen Friedman / Ted DunningReplay
30-Jun-21Microservices Architecture 101Owen GarrettReplay
19-May-21Data Science Unplugged: Part 2Doug Cackett / Ellen FriedmanReplay
21-Apr-21Building a foundation for zero trust with SPIFFEDaniel Feldman / Frederick KautzReplay
24-Mar-21Data Science Unplugged: Part 1Doug Cackett / Ellen FriedmanReplay
24-Feb-21Explore Containerization and MLOpsTom Phelan / Nigel PoultonReplay
27-Jan-21What’s a data fabric and how does it work?Ted Dunning / Ellen FriedmanReplay

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