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HPE DEV launches its Munch & Learn technical talks

Dale Rensing

munch and learn

Here’s your opportunity to learn more about today’s most popular technologies and connect with some of the industry’s leading technical specialists. Held monthly by the HPE Developer Community, the HPE DEV Munch & Learn technology talks are free, 60-minute sessions where subject matter experts (SMEs) will offer valuable insights and take your questions. Each month we will be presenting a different topic, including open source, Kubernetes, and HPE Ezmeral software.

In our first session, being held January 27, 2021, Ellen Friedman, principal technologist at HPE, will host Ted Dunning, HPE Ezmeral Data Fabric CTO, to discuss the value of data fabric and how it can run, manage, control, and secure the apps, data, and IT that run your business – from edge to cloud. Starting at a very high-level, but quickly getting into details, they’ll explore three examples of how data fabric has been used in production at scale. Details will include how these and similar systems are constructed using data fabric primitives. If time permits, Ted will touch on some of the details of how the HPE Ezmeral Data Fabric works. We’ll have a Slack channel open for you to pose your questions.

In keeping with the HPE DEV Community’s fun and engaging atmosphere, we’ll be sharing recipes and pictures of our favorite munchies on the #munch-and-learn channel of our Slack workspace. Not only will you get a better taste of new technologies, but you’ll also benefit by being able to try out some new recipes. Make sure you reserve your seat now!