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This month , we continue with our series of blog posts on the HPE GreenLake APIs for data services, this time focusing in on virtualization. We also expand on the HPE Athonet GenAI platform series, give you a peek into where you’ll find us at HPE Discover 2024, and explore fine-tuning models with Determined AI.

You can have some fun with two of our articles focused on exposing Kubernetes applications on HPE GreenLake, steering you toward being able to run some fun, traditional computer games. Another article shows you how easy it is to deliver data analytics and machine learning projects with HPE Ezmeral Unified Analytics using a technical demonstration.

Our Chapel posts detail a newly added, fully-featured Language Server that walks you through the world of scientific computing by exploring examples that highlight some unique Chapel features.

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datacenter virtual machines
Getting started with HPE GreenLake API for Virtualization

Dive into the next set of new APIs for HPE GreenLake. This article details what they are, how to use them, and more!
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Colorful abstract picture trying to depict a data mesh
Divide et impera, designing the LL-Mesh

Get a closer look at HPE Athonet’s LL-Mesh and how it’s used to create a clean, scalable architecture that can swiftly adapt to rapid technology advancements.
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Do not miss the Innovation Campus at Discover 2024!
Check out our evolved presence at HPE Discover by visiting the new Innovation Campus. Differing from the Hack Shack, the Innovation Campus spans a new neighborhood on the event floor with an immersive experience focused on innovation.
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Exposing applications using Ingress and TLS termination on Kubernetes in HPE GreenLake for Private Cloud Enterprise
Once apps are deployed in a K8s cluster, you need to expose the applications. This post outlines the comprehensive steps to do so using Ingress and TLS termination. It will set you up nicely for the post shown below to have a little fun with Super Mario.
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Deploying Super Mario game on Kubernetes in HPE GreenLake for Private Cloud Enterprise
Let’s have some fun! Using instructions from the previous article, you can follow the steps in this post to deploy a few gaming applications, like Super Mario and Tetris.
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Demystifying machine learning at scale: HPE Ezmeral Unified Analytics in action
See how easy it is to deliver data analytics and machine learning projects with HPE Ezmeral Unified Analytics by reading through the technical demo in this blog post.
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HPE Athonet LLM Platform: Driving Users towards peak 'Flow' efficiency
Explore the second core principle that shapes the strategy of the LLM platform – the enhancement of usability and user experience to assist individuals in maintaining focus on their tasks.
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Supercharged Chapel Editor Support
The Chapel team has recently created a fully-featured Language Server for Chapel, bringing a ton of interactive features to you text editor and making writing and reading Chapel code easier than ever.
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Navier-Stokes in Chapel - Introduction
Get a window into the world of scientific computing with Chapel by reading this post where, using a simplified fluid-dynamics example, you’ll get a brief introduction to the language and some of the unique features Chapel offers.
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Finetuning Gemma-2B using DPO
Explore some of the commonly used alignment methods typically applied to pre-train or fine-tune models, like SFT (Supervised Fine-tuning), RLHF (Reinforcement Learning with Human Feedback), and DPO (Direct Preference Optmization).
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HPE Munch and Learn technology talks icon
How digital twins help companies reach their sustainability goals
June 12, 2024 5pm CET/ 8am PT
As virtual replicas of physical systems, digital twins, help companies reach their sustainability goals by optimizing resource usage, reducing waste, and improving efficiency across the datacenter – from infrastructure to workloads. They enable predictive maintenance, energy conservation, and sustainable design, paving the way to optimize usage. We’ll discuss some of the on-going projects inside of HPE Labs and the Technology Incubations teams that investigate optimization and efficiency prediction for datacenters and associated workloads.
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Implementing centralized key management in HPE GreenLake with Thales Cipher Trust
June 26, 2024 5pm CET/ 8am PT
Driven by the proliferation in data silos across edge-to-cloud estates, deepening security compliance regulations, and the expansion of data sovereignty requirements, organizations and governments worldwide are mandating the deployment of data protection technologies, such as Centralized Key Management. Learn about the exciting new partnership between HPE GreenLake and Thales, the worldwide leader in digital trust and data security. Here, you’ll be introduced to the new Centralized Key Management solution offering on HPE GreenLake.
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