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Do not miss The Innovation Campus at HPE Discover 2024!

May 21, 2024

We all recognize in today’s tech world; things are moving faster than ever. And in this uber-accelerated tech landscape, innovation cannot be just a buzzword – it must be the driving force behind growth, competitiveness, and relevance.

At HPE, innovation is in our DNA.  We understand that staying ahead means embracing change, pushing boundaries and continually evolving, iterating and refining. Innovation permeates throughout HPE and that’s why the HPE Developer Community is excited to announce our evolved presence at HPE Discover Las Vegas 2024; a space that is dedicated to highlighting our company-wide focus and commitment to innovation – The Innovation Campus.

Differing from our traditional Hack Shack, the Innovation Campus will span a new neighbourhood on the event floor, providing an immersive experience that is designed to demonstrate our focus on innovation. The Campus will walk attendees through the various stages of the innovation process, inviting them to embark on their own journeys of discovery, advancement and transformation alongside us.

While the format is different, the focus on collaboration and moving your business ahead remains the same.  From inspiring ideas to empowering individuals, each element of the Innovation Campus will offer a unique glimpse into the different facets of innovation:


Investing in Technology Futures – Hewlett Packard Labs 

While innovation happens across HPE, this is the epicenter that leads how we innovate and ensures we are making an impact. Our approach includes technology and industry horizon scanning, technology invention and customer co-creation. At this booth, attendees can explore technologies beyond the horizon to ignite their technology future.


Co-creating Innovation – HPE Customer Innovation Centers 

Our global customer innovation centers explore edge-to-cloud opportunities in a tailored engagement. Customer Engagement teams customize customer visits to bring your initiatives to life and advance your digital journey. This is a great opportunity for attendees to immerse themselves in emerging technologies and explore how to apply them to their innovation roadmaps.


Uncovering What’s Next – Innovation Exploration Booth  

Building a culture of innovation ensures that every employee understands your innovation priorities. At HPE we empower intelligent and curated search and navigation of innovation engineering projects, ideas, and the startup / open-source ecosystem. We also disseminate innovation maps and gap analysis, providing valuable insights. At this booth, attendees will see a demonstration of how we brought this ecosystem to life and explore what it takes to build a tool to manage the beginning funnel for innovation.


Innovating Through Partners – The Start-Up Innovators Pavilion 

The next stage of discovering what’s next is forming partnerships with companies that are pioneering in your industry. In our Startup Pavilion, attendees will get ideas on how to build their partnership programs to contribute to their innovation initiatives.


See our Innovations in Action – The Innovation Theater 

In the Innovation Theater, throughout each day we will have lightning rounds that take a deep dive into some of our technology explorations.


Investing in Incubation – The Innovation Studio 

In the Innovation Studio, attendees can try out some of HPE innovation methodologies including customer empathy interviews and co-design, as well as explore AI innovation for their business with our subject matter experts.


Innovation Proof of Value – Ask the Experts and Digital Transformation Advisors 

Our Transformation Advisors will be available at the Innovation Campus to assist attendees in advancing their digital transformation journey. How can you assess the impact of innovation to demonstrate its value to your organization? The key is to manage your innovation efforts as a portfolio of investments. Just like any well-managed portfolio, the decisions your company makes about what not to invest in are as crucial as those it does. Our advisors are here to help you consider and make those strategic innovation-led decisions.

Through these interactive experiences, we hope to inspire, educate and empower attendees to embrace innovation and to either start, or continue their journey as innovators themselves.  We will be inviting all visitors to the Innovation Campus to become part of our Innovator Community, by booking into dedicated online Innovation Group sessions and in-person workshops at our HPE Customer Innovation Centers.  These workshops are dedicated to actively listening to our customers and collaboratively exploring the realm of possibilities. They’ll be devoted to undertaking a journey of evolution alongside HPE, characterized by exploration, advancement and solution-driven progress.

For anyone attending HPE Discover Las Vegas 2024, we invite you to stop by the Innovation Campus and embark on this journey of discovery and transformation with us!

Last but not least, you can meet two members of the HPE Developer Community team in the hands-on-Lab section, right next to the Innovation Campus. They will be welcoming you to take one of the multiple hands-on-labs available during the week, including two on the HPE GreenLake APIs.


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