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Exploring how to deliver everything as-a-Service
In this month’s newsletter, HPE DEV community members offer tutorials and advice on how to deliver applications and other solutions as-a-Service. Additional posts explore the importance of open source solutions and highlight new, open source storage container tools HPE will soon make available to you.

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News from the Community
The HPE DEV blog is a great place to get the latest news and updates from the community, and over the last few months we have had some great articles! Below, find a few of these blogs. Click on the links to read the full articles!
Introducing a multi-vendor CSI driver for Kubernetes
HPE will soon introduce a new, open source container storage interface (CSI) for Kubernetes. Learn more about it in this post.
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Say NO to (cloud) vendor lock-in!
Don’t make the same mistakes some made 20 years ago and get entangled in proprietary IT vendor solutions. Read why you should just say “No” to vendor lock-in and reap the benefits of open cloud architectures.
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Using Open Service Broker as a quick and easy way to offer everything as-a-Service
Offering an application development environment as-a-Service often requires a lot of time and manual effort. But, not if you take advantage of Open Service Broker (OSB). Learn how to use OSB to expose applications as-a-Service in this tutorial, using the Grommet development environment as an example.
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How to register a Grommet OSB broker in a Kubernetes service catalog
For developers looking to ensure the scalability of their applications in a Kubernetes cluster, being able to expose services via Open Service Broker can be very helpful. Read this post to learn how to register and consume services in a Kubernetes Service Catalog so that you can provision, bind, unbind, and deprovision a Grommet Dev Instance.
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Developing a client app for accessing services via the Open Service Broker API
In this blog post, HPE college interns, Carson and Kailash, show you how to develop a client app for accessing services using a Grommet OSB Broker deployed in AWS cloud.
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Open source vs. open standards: Know the difference
Both open standards and open source are great things, but they are not the same. Learn how open source and open standards are different, but interrelated, and how each has pushed the other in terms of technological advancements.
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Is your network aware of your infrastructure? It should be.
In the data center, the need for situational awareness is critical. Not only is it vital for IT administrators to know what’s going on in all aspects of the data center, it’s also important that they can anticipate potential events and know how to react to them when they occur. That level of awareness can only be accomplished with an intelligent software-defined network. Read more about it in this post.
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Sir Hackington’s Corner
(HPE DEV Events)
Sir Hackington invites you to attend these events and see what HPE DEV has to offer.

DevOps Days Ghent, Ghent, Belgium – October 28-30, 2019

KubeCon | CloudNativeCon, San Diego, California – November 18-21, 2019

Celebrate the beginning of DevOps
Celebrate the 10th anniversary of DevOps in the very place where the term was first coined. Learn more:
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