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Celebrate the beginning of DevOps

Didier Lalli

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Something very special is just around the corner--something of historic proportions. This October, in beautiful Ghent, Belgium, DevOpsDays will be celebrating its 10th year anniversary in the very place where the term DevOps was first coined. This is where software developers and ITOps staff first gathered to talk about the miscommunications between these two groups and looked for ways to get around the so-called “Wall of Confusion”.

If you’re not familiar with DevOpsDays, it is a set of events that happens year-round throughout the world focusing on software development, IT operations, and the intersection between the two. This worldwide series of technical conferences grew out of the efforts of one man, Patrick Debois.

Frustrated by the constant miscommunication between operations and development teams, Patrick hoped to push organizations from traditional software development cycles (where the development team throws a software release “over the wall” to IT operations) to a more agile process where developers and ITOps staff work together.

In 2007, Patrick was a system administrator working on a huge data migration project for the Belgian government. Patrick saw hope in being able to apply the Agile methodology to infrastructure, and together with Andrew Shafer, created the Agile Systems Administration Group.

In 2009, Patrick was unable to attend the Velocity O’Reilly conference in the U.S. where the now mythical session 10+ Deploys a Day: Dev and Ops Cooperation at Flickr was given by John Allspaw and Paul Hammond. Undeterred, Patrick organized his own conference in Ghent to propagate this idea of the two groups cooperating and closely collaborating. He wanted a conference name that was short, easy to remember, and fitting, so DevOpsDays (#DevOpsDays) was born. The term DevOps quickly emerged and gained attention via social networks.

Hewlett-Packard Enterprise (HPE) will be supporting the 10th anniversary of this event as a Gold sponsor because we believe DevOps is critical to building applications for the New Idea Economy. The HPE DEV Community will be there to showcase how we work to design and build infrastructure as code to support greater agility. Don’t miss this opportunity to join us October 28th, 2019 in Ghent to celebrate and accelerate the coming together of DevOps.