HPE Developer Community Portal

Open Source

We are dedicated to open source innovation through collaboration and we are proud to be part of the open source community. As the infrastructure of the future moves to open source, HPE Developers help lead that charge.


Leading provider of container-based software solution that offers an as-a-service experience for AI, machine learning, and analytics in the enterprise.

HPE OneView

HPE Composable Infrastructure enables you to use a template-based approach and flexible pools of compute, storage, and fabric to abstract infrastructure elements and automate operational changes at scale.

Fabric Attached Memory and The Machine

Extensions to Debian to support The Machine


Open source tools for building essential user experiences.


The LinuxKI Toolset (or LinuxKI for short) is advanced trace-based performance troubleshooting tool for Linux.


HPE Integrated Lights Out (iLO) server management provides intelligent remote control automation through scripting or an API.


The world’s most intelligent storage for mission-critical apps that delivers extreme resiliency and performance with the agility of the cloud.

Nimble Storage

The Cloud Ready storage platform with Predictive Analytics provides robust APIs for service providers and tinkerers alike for the next generation data center.


Python-redfish library, a reference implementation to enable Python developers to communicate with the Redfish API


CloudSlang is a YAML based language for writing human-readable workflows for the CloudSlang Orchestration Engine.

RSFO (Rapid Setting for Oracle)

RSFO provides a set of scripts that will automatically set up the pre-requisites for an Oracle Single instance or RAC installation on Red Hat 7.

Storage drivers

HPE Storage drivers and plug-ins for 3PAR, Docker, LeftHand, Cinder, etc.

The Machine distribution

Open source development for system software focused on memory-drive computing.

Topology Framework

Framework for building and testing network topologies and software.

Cloud Native Computing Foundation

Cloud native computing uses an open source software stack to be Containerized, Dynamically orchestrated and Microservices oriented.

Distributed Management Task Force

It is an industry standards organization working to simplify the manageability of network-accessible technologies through open and collaborative efforts by leading technology companies. DMTF creates and drives the international adoption of interoperable management standards, supporting implementations that enable the management of diverse traditional and emerging technologies including cloud, virtualization, network and infrastructure.