Project Data Map

With so much data expanding exponentially at the edge, it’s challenging to find, use, manage, and share the right data when you need it. To acquire the true meaning of your data and take action within your distributed enterprise, HPE is developing Project Data Map, which will allow you to navigate to the data you’re looking for with governance, lineage and trust.

Project Data Map includes an open Common Metadata Framework, and correlates and scores metadata relationships derived implicitly from data usage and signals that continuously track pattern changes. This allows it to get smarter data, enabling precision AI and machine learning models to make the best possible decisions.

HPE is developing Project Data Map to:

  • Democratize access to data, data analytics, and AI to domain experts, citizen users, and data scientists.

  • Create a standard and open approach to meta data, enabling easier cross-vertical discovery and sharing of distributed diverse data sets.

  • Use data governance of rights and conditions to improve efficiency, promote transparency, and enable business insight.

  • Accelerate the data and analytics exchange.

  • Reduce the extreme expense of cloud egress.

  • Secure data movement from every layer of the stack, continuously and automatically.

  • Enable a distributed enterprise to minimize unnecessary data movement for more efficient data management and help with cloud egress.


With an open source foundation and a global data fabric, like HPE Ezmeral software, Project Data Map provides seamless, unified access to distributed data and unified control of distributed Kubernetes clusters. Project Data Map features:

  • A data preview browser, enabling you to see fragments of data and access its lineage to check on validity and quality.

  • Data exchange and marketplace access, providing a mechanism to publish contextual meta data to help define policy, license and exchange contracts, and provide access rights to data when criteria is met.

  • An open Common Metadata Framework that standardizes the way for you to find the most meaningful data based on personalized recommendations.

  • A data policy engine, making data sovereignty possible through dynamic policy generation and governance integrated with standard AAA services and versioned persistence on-platform and enforceable license models.

  • Data search and filter/meta data standards, automating meta data generation on ingest with the ability to provide rich meta data to describe the data and update it for personalization.

  • An Open API, allowing a service ecosystem to both consume data and orchestrate the creation of meta data for the mutual benefit of data producers and consumers.

  • Trustworthy Data Foundation, tracking and analyzing meta data from edge to core in order to shape data and pipelines with trustworthy elements throughout the entire data lifecycle.



Explore how Project Data Map can transform the flow of data in these real-world projects:

  • CGIAR (formerly the Consultative Group for International Agricultural Research), Digital Green, The AgStack Foundation and HPE are on a global mission to build solutions to address the exponentially growing need for food. To learn more, watch the Scale for Good video, and the AI for Good webinar.

  • Novartis Global Health and HPE are seeking ways to develop a disease surveillance solution for dengue fever by collecting and integrating complex data sources across organizations globally, providing data transparency at scale to inform targeted response strategies. To learn more, read the press release.

  • Gaia-X and HPE are creating an interoperable data exchange in which data can be shared under the protection of European data privacy laws. Hear the HPE Tech Talk podcast to learn more.


Take advantage of our free, Jupyter-Notebook based Workshops-on-Demand available in the Hack Shack. These technical workshops provide you with an in-depth, hands-on learning experience where you can interact with and learn from the experts. Designed to fit your schedule, these workshops are available 24/7 – any time, from anywhere. Project Data Map workshops are coming soon.

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