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Vendor-Neutral GPU Programming in Chapel

July 31, 2024: Writing programs on modern computers requires parallelism to achieve maximum performance. Chapel is an open-source parallel programming language that supports portable, performant software on CPUs and GPUs. Join this session to learn about Chapel's vendor-neutral GPU support and how you can get involved in our open-source work and our future plans.

LLM finetuning for mere mortals

August 28, 2024: Everyone wants to use Large Language Models (LLMs). How can you make the most of this technology when applying it to your own use-cases? Finetuning is one highly effective approach. Join this session to learn about the challenges involved, and how you can tackle them using HPE's new software that leverages the open-source machine learning (ML) ecosystem.

Enhancing NLP with RAG: A Practical Demonstration

September 18, 2024: In the evolving landscape of Natural Language Processing (NLP), Retrieval-Augmented Generation (RAG) stands out as a powerful technique that enhances the NLP application by incorporating relevant external information. Join this session to learn the fundamentals and applications of RAG to produce more accurate and contextually aware responses.