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The Cloud Ready storage platform with Predictive Analytics provides robust APIs for service providers and tinkerers alike for the next generation data center.

HPE Nimble Storage customers have full access to the REST API of the arrays. We also provide Open Source projects for various automation platforms and DevOps ecosystems. The array API is available on InfoSight for customers only while the REST API for HPE Cloud Volumes is public.


HPE CSI Driver for Kubernetes

A Container Storage Interface (CSI) Driver for Kubernetes. The HPE CSI Driver for Kubernetes allows you to use a Container Storage Provider to perform data management operations on storage resources.

Nimble Storage Snapshots for SAP HANA

The HPE Nimble Storage Application Snapshot Agent for SAP HANA uses the HPE Nimble Storage Snapshot Framework to support application consistent and integrated storage level snapshots of SAP HANA.

HPE Cloud Volumes

Enterprise-based cloud storage service that provides block storage as a service for use with AWS and Azure cloud services


Nemo uses OpenZFS to emulate the snapshot and cloning capabilities of the HPE Nimble Storage Docker Volume Plugin.


Kubernetes Flexvolume Driver and StorageClass Provisioner for Docker Volume Plugins.

Docker Volume plugin

Comprehensive Docker Volume plugin that serves as a foundation for all major container orchestration frameworks, including Docker Swarm, Kubernetes and Mesos.

Storage and Infrastructure Automation

This repository contains examples on how you can automate daunting management tasks for HPE Nimble Storage and adjacent technologies.


Ansible role and playbooks for mnemonic devices for humans with amnesia.

Advanced PowerShell Toolkit

Collection of Advanced Commands and Troubleshooting tools that layer on top of the existing Nimble Storage PowerShell Toolkit.

Puppet Module

Puppet module to manage Nimble Storage arrays.

OpenStack Fuel Plugin

Nimble Storage Cinder integration with OpenStack Fuel

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