Build more intelligent apps
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Build more intelligent apps
This month, we feature many opportunities to become more skilled in the various components that enable intelligent applications. These include HPE Ezmeral Software Platform talks and technology workshops, data fabric blog posts, and info on new infrastructure tools.

Visit our HPE DEV community portal and blog to find even more. And remember to connect with us on our HPE DEV and Grommet Slack channels if you ever have any questions.

The HPE DEV Team
On Demand Workshops
Study Data Fabric and Containers in Munch & Learn Gatherings
Over 160 technologists joined in January’s talk to understand the impact of a unifying data fabric and how it works. February’s Container talk promises to be equally interesting!
Data Fabric
Automate apps with HPE Ezmeral Container Platform
Register for our newest Workshop-on-Demand that delves into the APIs that make it easier to configure apps and compute resources.
HPE Ezmeral Data Fabric
Find many of the blog posts that were written under the MapR brand (recently rebranded as HPE Ezmeral Data Fabric) here:
Making AI a Reality
Read this post from international speaker, author, and HPE principal technologist, Ellen Friedman, who points out that successful AI requires skills beyond those of data scientists.
Synchronized Volume Snapshots for Distributed Workloads on Kubernetes
Learn how to use the HPE Container Storage Interface (CSI) Driver for Kubernetes to create Volume Groups that allow users to group Persistent Volume Claims together and use them to perform CSI Volume Snapshots in this tutorial.
Enabling Python 3 with OpenSSL/FIPS on Microsoft Windows
Empower Python 3 with the OpenSSL/FIPS standard on a Microsoft Windows platform so that any new software compiled out of it is secure and FIPS-compliant.
HPE InfoSight Northbound APIs: Bringing the Power of InfoSight Home
Get to know InfoSight North Bound APIs for Nimble Storage, which give you the ability to pull critical information regarding the health of your infrastructure directly into your ITSM tools.
Introducing the HPE GL20 IoT Gateway
Read this Python tutorial to learn how to take advantage of the HPE GL20’s DIO capability to interact with sensors and actuators for exciting new edge applications.
On Demand Workshops
HPE DEV Hack Shack
Come on in and join in the fun! We’re always open.
Take advantage of our virtual Hack Shack in-between the industry events we attend. It’s a great way to keep current with developer activities.
Data Fabric
Munch & Learn
Technology Talk
February 24, 2021
Meet with Tom Phelan, HPE Fellow, to explore the essential components needed to successfully run on a container platform, including data fabric and MLOps.
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