Dale Rensing

It’s All Fun and Games at the Hack Shack!

April 22, 2022

Let's Hack Shack at HPE Discover 2022

Can you believe it? Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) will be holding its first major in-person conference since 2019 in just over a month! HPE Discover 2022, the Edge-To-Cloud conference, will be held in Las Vegas at the Venetian/Palazzo Resort from June 28-30th. The HPE Developer Community team is really excited to be able to engage with attendees in person once again. Make sure you register soon so you don’t miss out!

A place designed especially for you

HPE Discover 2022 attendees will have plenty of opportunity to sit and hear about all the newest HPE solutions and technologies throughout the event. But once you enter the Hack Shack, things get personal! This is where developers, data scientists, and IT technologists have the opportunity to sit down with experts and discuss topics that are important to them. Experts on hot topics like zero-trust security, data lakes, machine learning and analytics workloads, and open source projects will be hanging around just so you can get your questions answered.

Within the Hack Shack, you’ll engage with members of the HPE Developer Community in topical meetups. These 30-minute sessions are informal gatherings where you can listen to various subject matter experts (SMEs) and then engage in further discussion on the topic as a group. SMEs will also hang out for a bit after each session in case you want to delve into further detail regarding your own specific needs. (Stay tuned for our next blog post where we’ll get into details on these meetup sessions.)

There will also an opportunity for you to sit down with the HPE UX design team to help them improve the user experience across HPE products and services. Share your opinions and make your voice heard by participating in a variety of user research activities that will inform the design and direction of HPE products and services.

Compete in games and win prizes!

While many come to the Hack Shack to connect with subject matter experts and get their questions answered, many also come to enjoy a little competitive fun with their colleagues. We’ll have a fussball table out on the front lawn, a Jenga and cornhole game in the backyard, chairs to relax in, and a Shield console to play some cool video games.

In addition to these popular games, the HPE Developer Community team has developed a couple of other diversions for you. The first one is our Treasure Hunt. Designed to familiarize players with the HPE Developer web portal, this scavenger-hunt style challenge encourages you to check out all the resources that are available on the site, including the virtual Hack Shack. To be sure, there is treasure to be had, so be sure to check out the Terms & Conditions for details.

We also designed five role-based hands-on challenges for you to take. Each onsite participant has the opportunity to go home with some nifty swag. Six of those participants will walk away with a CanaKit Raspberry Pi 4 Extreme kit after having successfully completed one of the challenges and correctly answered the associated quiz. Grand prize winners will be announced at our Hack Shack celebration on Wednesday night. Note: You must be present to win. Please see the Terms & Conditions for details.

Are you ready to take these challenges?

  • Cloud Architect Challenge - VM Desired State Management in HPE GreenLake – Your mission is to deploy a VM in HPE GreenLake using the open source configuration management tool, Terraform. For this challenge, you’ll describe the desired state of your environment and use Terraform to analyze and build the necessary infrastructure artifacts. You’ll be provided with everything you need in a nice and friendly Jupyter Notebook environment with little to no code to write. Take an hour to experience Infrastructure-as-Code on HPE GreenLake and earn a chance to win a prize.
  • Open Source Advocate Challenge - Play with Python or Discover Ansible - Your Choice! – Feeling competitive? Expand your Open Source skills with a chance to win cool prizes. In this challenge, you will be tasked with completing one of two popular HPE DEV Workshops-on-Demand. Choose from Python 101 - A simple introduction to Python programming language or Ansible 101 - Introduction to Ansible concepts and respond correctly to the quiz for a chance to win a prize. An hour should be enough for you to complete this challenge!
  • Developer Challenge - Building Modern Software with Zero Trust Security – In today’s highly distributed modern software environments, security is a major concern. Who do you trust? In this challenge, choose one of two workshops, SPIFFE – SPIRE 101 – An introduction to SPIFFE server and SPIRE agent security concepts or Creating a Zero Trust Model for Microservices Architectures with SPIRE and Envoy, to understand, in less than an hour, how open source projects SPIFFE and SPIRE enable zero trust security at the heart of your solution and compete for a prize.
  • ML Engineer Challenge - Deep Learning Model Training at Scale with Determined – Deep learning at scale is difficult, right? Explore the fundamentals of Determined, the open-source deep learning training platform, to learn how it can help. Take this challenge and respond correctly to a quiz to try and win a cool prize. In this challenge, you will train a TensorFlow model in Determined using one GPU, and scale up your training across multiple GPUs using distributed training, while finding accurate models faster using state-of-the-art hyperparameter search methods.
  • Data Scientist Challenge - Finding the Data You Didn't Know You Needed – In this challenge, you’ll get to see how Project Data Map can help you discover new and meaningful datasets that enhance your model building experience, all whilst keeping track of the datasets you know and love, so next time you don’t have to go digging through old notebooks to find them! You’ll even learn how you can share them with your classmates or trade them for valuable tokens! This challenge should take out about an hour and gives you a chance to win an awesome prize.

Come party with us

One of the most anticipated events at HPE Discover is the Hack Shack celebration. Planned for Wednesday evening, we’ll be serving refreshments and hosting a very special speaker who will be presenting the CanaKit Raspberry Pi sets to our lucky winners of the role-based challenges.

Stay tuned! We’ll be publishing more details on the meetup sessions and the schedule in an upcoming HPE Developer Blog post. You can also refer to the HPE Discover 2022 Edge-To-Cloud conference catalog for details on HPE Developer sessions.


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