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Redfish® API conformant for simple and automate remote HPE Server management.

One Interface for Server Management Automation

HPE Server management provides intelligent remote control automation through HPE iLO and the iLO RESTful API. Gain even more capabilities that go beyond scripting by leveraging one API to manage your complete lifecycle of HPE Gen9 and Gen10 servers.

A single API interface integrates server management components and full compute power. Use it with HPE iLO 4 and iLO 5 to perform remote server provisioning, configuration, inventory and monitoring industry standards through Redfish API conformance.

Redfish API Implementation

Obtain simple, secure management of today’s scalable data center hardware with the Redfish API ecosystem. It’s an open industry-standard specification and schema that helps you integrate solutions within your existing tools. Published by the Distributed Management Task Force (DMTF), it’s ideal for cloud and web-based infrastructures, which typically have large quantities of servers in heterogeneous environments.

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Find tools you need to help you leverage the iLO RESTful API SDK.

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