Build awesome apps with Grommet

Grommet helps you create responsive and accessible mobile-first projects for the web with an easy-to-use, react-based component library that is part design system and part development framework.

Grommet is used by developers and designers alike to build both enterprise-class and consumer-grade applications that can be used in web, desktop, and mobile-friendly formats. It underpins many of HPE’s products such as HPE GreenLake edge-to-cloud platform.

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What’s new with Grommet v2?

HPE product designer at, Chris Carlozzi, explains how Grommet is evolving.

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HPE Design System

The HPE Design System demonstrates how grommet can be themed and used to build user interfaces with your own brand. The HPE Design System is used within HPE to guide the design of the user interfaces that HPE creates.


Take advantage of our free, Jupyter-Notebook based Workshops-on-Demand available in the Hack Shack. These technical workshops provide you with an in-depth, hands-on learning experience where you can interact with and learn from the experts. Designed to fit your schedule, these workshops are available 24/7 – any time, from anywhere. Grommet workshops are available today.

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