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Sir Hackington Appbuilder III Goes to Google Cloud Next

Sir Hackington Appbuilder III

Hey, it’s me, your old friend, Sir Hackington Appbuilder III. For those of you who haven’t met me yet, that’s right, I’m the dog here. More importantly, I’m the event mascot of the HPE Developer Community (HPE DEV). Some people like to say that dogs are man’s best friend. In my case, I’m the best friend a developer can have, especially at conferences.

Sir Hackington

HPE DEV recently brought me to Google Cloud Next in San Francisco from July 24-26. Even though I’m a dog I’m really into all the things HPE DEV is into. So of course, in 2018, that means lots of thinking about cloud. Cloud platforms and infrastructure are very important to enterprise IT these days, and HPE is a key player in this space. HPE DEV was really excited to spread the good word about all the new innovations they provide to businesses looking to get the most from their cloud strategies. For instance HPE DEV showed off a number of the API references currently on the HPE DEV portal that allow developers to dive in and start working on 3rd party applications to integrate with HPE OneSphere and build powerful solutions for their customers. For those who don’t know, HPE OneSphere is HPE’s as-a-service hybrid cloud management solution.

HPE DEV Presentations

HPE DEV worked hand-in-hand with the HPE OneSphere team to run multiple sessions at the Google Next event booth, all geared toward the developer community.

At the event, HPE DEV gave demos on how HPE is helping developers be more productive in the API economy. Getting APIs to work well with cloud platforms is a huge part of developers’ tasks these days, and the developers who stopped by the booth came away impressed with HPE’s API work, because it allows them to get up and running on 3rd party applications right away.


The team also provided sessions on multi-cloud management using HPE OneSphere, and showed a customer use-case on managing containers effectively using HPE Composable Infrastructure with HPE Synergy and Google Cloud Platform. As most of the developers at the conference were interested in leveraging Google Cloud Platform in their work, showcasing the ways that these developers can get the most from both HPE and Google was a big hit.

Key takeaways

I may be biased because I hang out with developers all the time, and they take good care of me, but developers really are the best. Google Cloud Next this year had a large number of developers visiting, more than I sometimes see at other conferences I attend. The large number of developers makes it easy for HPE DEV to start up conversations at our booth. I’d like to think it’s all because of my winning personality, but I have to give the HPE DEV team the credit—developers are eager to talk to their peers, and they’re also very interested to hear about what HPE is doing in and with the developer community.


Many initially think of HPE as just an infrastructure company, but when HPE DEV comes to conferences with a large developer presence, that perception changes. But don’t just take my word for it. Some of our partners from HudsonAlpha, a nonprofit institute that translates the power of genomics into real world results, stopped by the HPE DEV booth to talk about the benefits of working with HPE.



As the world moves from an IT Ops model to a DevOps model, HPE is dedicated to being a leader and innovator, and developers are receptive to what the team is accomplishing. So much so that around 100 developers signed up to join our HPE DEV newsletter mailing list! Woof woof! (That means sign up for our newsletter today in mascot dog lingo.)

In other words, HPE DEV is making inroads with the developer community. Which is pretty exciting for a company that sometimes isn’t thought of as having a significant developer profile. Sometimes building word of mouth on an individual by individual basis is a great way to go, and the HPE DEV team really felt that at Google Cloud Next.

Want to see more of HPE DEV?

google cloud next event presence

Missed HPE DEV Google Cloud Next? No worries -- they will be traveling all over the world in the next few months to conferences of interest to developers. For more information about where you can find the HPE DEV team, visit the Events page. And follow the Community page to see highlights of previous appearances and ways to get involved and contribute. Next up, come check in with us at VMworld, Las Vegas booth 1300 to learn more! I’ll be there!