Christopher Pasek

Introducing the Verified HPE OneView Terraform Provider

May 7, 2021

Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) and HashiCorp have worked together to verify the new HPE OneView Terraform Provider. The new provider is based on Terraform v0.13. This enables users to take full advantage of the improved infrastructure automation capabilities available in the latest versions of Terraform. The provider gives users the ability to automate infrastructure through HPE OneView, which uses software-defined intelligence via a template-driven approach to automate the deployment, provisioning, updating, and integration of resources, such as compute, storage, and networking infrastructure.

HashiCorp verification of the HPE OneView Terraform Provider based on Terraform v0.13 permits HPE code to be made available in the Terraform Registry. The registry allows for the Terraform Provider for HPE OneView to be initiated directly from the registry maintained by HashiCorp by introducing the provider source attribute in Terraform. The verification process also ensures that provider code is from a reliable source, making automated installation a secure process. In the case of the HPE OneView Provider, GPG (GNU Privacy Guard) encryption is used to digitally sign the HPE code.

Terraform v0.13 is a major update that includes dozens of improvements and features spanning the breadth and depth of Terraform’s functionality. One of the major changes in Terraform 0.13 is HCL2, the second generation of HashiCorp Configuration Language. HCL2 introduces Rich Data Types as a means to describe more complex structures with your Terraform Modules.

The Terraform Provider for HPE OneView now uses Go Modules for dependency management and vending. The Terraform Provider for HPE OneView is also an upgrade to the Terraform Plugin SDK. More details about the Terraform Plugin SDK can be found here.

Terraform Provider for HPE OneView supports several installation paths. It can be installed from Source, a Docker container, or the Terraform Registry. HPE has produced an Installation and User Guide to simplify migration from HPE OneView Providers based on previous versions of Terraform. The guide provides step-by-step instructions for each installation path.

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