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HPE OneView Puppet Module v2.4.0 now supports HPE OneView 5.0

Christopher Pasek

Hewlett Packard Enterprise is pleased to introduce the HPE OneView Puppet Module v2.4.0 that now supports HPE OneView 5.0 (REST API version 1200). The HPE OneView Puppet Module automates the configuring and provisioning of bare-metal infrastructure. This enables faster and easier app and service delivery, while increasing reliability, maintaining compliance, and offering deployment flexibility. By automating the provisioning of physical infrastructure on-demand using software-defined templates from HPE OneView, administrators can create a resource topology similar to that of a public cloud on their own physical infrastructure.

The Puppet Module for HPE OneView allows for management of HPE OneView appliances through the use of Puppet manifests and resource style declarations. The manifests use the HPE OneView Ruby SDK to make calls to the HPE OneView REST API. The module adds several resource types to Puppet and custom methods to allow users to easily create, update, query, and delete hardware resources.

Puppet offers customers a mature configuration management solution. It is easy to install and features an excellent graphical user interface (GUI). It runs on all major operating systems, such as Linux, Windows, Unix, and even Mac OS X.

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