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HPE OneView Golang SDK is now available with support for HPE OneView 5.0

Christopher Pasek

The HPE OneView Golang SDK v1.2.0 now supports HPE OneView 5.0 (REST API version 1200). The HPE OneView Golang SDK extends the HPE OneView API language support for the go language, which is popular for cloud-native applications. With language support, you can integrate popular tools based on Golang, such as Terraform with HPE OneView. HPE OneView takes a software-defined, programmatic approach to managing infrastructure with efficient workflow automation, a modern RESTful API, and a comprehensive partner ecosystem.

The HPE OneView Golang SDK allows developers who use the go language to programmatically control HPE OneView managed resources using infrastructure-as-code for physical compute, storage, and fabric resources. Infrastructure-as-code enables complete datacenter automation, consistent reproducibility, versioning, and roll back.