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HPE OneView Ansible Module v5.6.0. Now Available

Christopher Pasek

HPE is pleased to announce the availability of the HPE OneView Ansible Module v5.6.0. This module provides integration of HPE OneView with Ansible by Red Hat®, an industry-leading software deployment, provisioning, and configuration management tool. This new module supports HPE OneView 5.2 (REST API version 1600). It also provides support for Image Streamer 5.2 (API 1600).

HPE OneView uses software-defined intelligence in a template-driven approach to deploy, provision, update, and integrate resources, such as compute, storage, and networking infrastructure. Designed with a modern, standards-based API, HPE OneView gives IT organizations the ability to connect their software-defined infrastructure from core to cloud by provisioning turnkey private cloud infrastructure within a diverse partner ecosystem. IT organizations can leverage the partner ecosystem to integrate HPE OneView within their existing management frameworks for their preferred platforms. These capabilities allow teams to deliver projects consistently while meeting desired outcomes for key stakeholders.

The HPE OneView Ansible module enables the transformation of on-premises infrastructure through the software-defined infrastructure automated provisioning of bare-metal resources, including servers, storage, and networking. It does so as part of an application deployment process. Using Ansible with HPE OneView allows customers to create a flexible and adaptive infrastructure that is essential to addressing the need for organizational agility and supporting initiatives that accelerate the delivery of customer and business value.

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