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HPE Discover’s brand-new, virtual HPE DEV Hack Shack!

Jeff Krenek

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The world has changed, shifting everyone’s priorities. Digital transformation is no longer something that’s being planned. It’s something that is imperative, now. Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) is here to help. HPE Discover offers you the opportunity to connect with subject matter experts and explore solutions through instructor-led workshops to help you realize how HPE can help move your business forward.

This year, HPE is bringing HPE Discover to you as an on-going virtual experience, offering more opportunities for customers to attend from all over the world – free of charge. We will be kicking off the event on June 23rd and producing it across three different time zones. As part of the virtual experience, you’ll be given the opportunity to view important keynotes, check out what’s new, and hear from key industry analysts. Best of all, you’ll get to experience the all-new, virtual HPE DEV Hack Shack! In the Hack Shack, you’ll interact with experts to learn and try out new solutions for building, designing, and using software. If you’ve ever been to the HPE DEV Hack Shack at HPE Discover, you’ll know how valuable and fun it can be. In addition to the Jupyter Notebooks-based workshops, we’ll be offering competitive coding challenges and fun games to play.

What you’ll find in the Hack Shack

In the HPE DEV Hack Shack you’ll find experts giving talks on a wide variety of topics, from AI and machine learning to containers and DevOps. Workshops are open to all levels with some aimed specifically at beginners, like API 101 or Introduction to the HPE Container Platform. Here’s a quick list of some of our currently planned sessions and workshops. For more complete information, please visit the HPE Discover session catalog.

Hack Shack T490: Demystifying AI Technology Choices

Hack Shack T491: What Data Scientists Can Learn From Software Developers

Hack Shack T492: Accelerate Innovation With DevOps for Machine Learning

Hack Shack W479: Introduction to the HPE Container Platform REST API

Hack Shack W480: API 101 - API basics and the value they provide

Hack Shack W481: Aruba API yourself!

Hack Shack W482: Redfish API use with PowerShell, Python, & Bash/cURL

Hack Shack W485: AI 101 - Convolutional neural network (CNN) for MNIST

Hack Shack W486: Automate apps with the HPE Container Platform

During progressive weeks we’ll add in a number of different Hack Shack Challenges that test your hacking prowess. Perhaps you’d like to try deploying your app in a Kubernetes cluster. Or, maybe you’d like to try streamlining queries using Redfish. You can even check out the new Grommet Designer by using it to design your own app!

As you may know, HPE is hyper focused on delivering everything as-a-service, all in a hybrid cloud environment. We embrace whatever form of cloud our customers adopt, providing products and services that are singularly focused on delivery through hybrid IT. So, where does the Hack Shack fit in? HPE DEV provides IT folks, whether they’re developers, IT admins, data scientists, or machine learning engineers, the resources needed to take advantage of hybrid cloud. We’ll help you accelerate your recovery by showing you easy ways to become more agile in your business. And we’ll help you accelerate your digital transformation through innovative solutions to complex problems, using open source software, and implementing DevOps methodologies and ITOps tools.

For more details on available courses and times, please visit the HPE Discover site session catalog. Register now! It’s free, informative, and fun!

Note: Starting June 23rd, please log in to the HPE Discover Virtual Experience and search by Session ID or by area of interest (i.e. Hack Shack) to view a session.