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HPE DEV Technology Workshops: To infinity and beyond!

Didier Lalli


In an earlier blog post, one of our team members, Frederic Passeron, discussed how Jupyter Notebooks saved the day as we transitioned from traditional face-to-face events to virtual events. As a matter of fact, with the adoption of this open source technology, our team was able to deliver over 60 live, hands-on workshops to our developer audience since having to go virtual during this pandemic.

We first offered this hands-on experience at technology events sponsored by Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE), such as the Technology and Solutions Summit (TSS), ASPIRE, and finally the HPE Discover Virtual Experience event this summer. Based on the feedback we’ve received from participants, these workshops were highly successful and proved to work well for remote, virtual environments.

Their success indicates that Jupyter Notebook-based workshops should have a life that extends beyond the individual events for which they were created. As such, we have made a number of decisions relative to these workshops and how they’ll continue to be made available to the HPE Developer Community going forward. Here's what we have decided to do:

  • Keep the virtual, online Hack Shack open between events
  • Create workshops that can be deployed on-demand
  • Maintain a library of Jupyter Notebooks that have been developed for these workshops

Because people were only just starting to learn about our virtual workshops, we saw that there was an important need to keep the HPE Hack Shack open between events we support. We will continue to customise and roll it out at upcoming venues, like we just did for KubeCon EMEA and we plan to do for KubeCon NA, but between events the experience will remain in place online, offering workshop replays, code challenges, an arcade section, and more.

We also determined that it would be important to make our workshops available on-demand. On-demand versions will start to be rolled out this fall. Stay tuned for an announcement of the pilot program.

Finally, we decided to create a home for the Jupyter Notebooks we developed for these recent events and those we plan on developing in the future. We created a GitHub repo to house these Jupyter Notebooks and a process by which one can submit them (through Pull Requests and following these instructions), so the entire community can contribute their own notebooks.

Our team will be responsible for maintaining this repo, which we hope will grow rapidly (though maybe not exactly to infinity). Feel free to take a look. Don’t hesitate to use these with your own teams. We welcome any feedback you receive regarding them so we can work to improve them for the future. Finally, please share some of your Jupyter Notebooks with us. It’s a great way to contribute to the community. After all, HPE DEV is all about sharing, communicating and collaborating.