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Dale Rensing


Hey there… Dale Rensing here. You may remember my name as the editor of this newsletter, but I haven’t really introduced myself properly. Although I’m fairly new to the Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) Chief Design Office, I’ve been around the technology industry for quite some time. I’ve been lucky in my career to often find myself working with teams of highly-talented engineers engaged in cutting-edge technology, getting to report on their innovation and extrapolating its value in customer terms. As a writer and the news editor of the HPE Newsletter and the HPE DEV website, my job now is to connect you with all activities within HPE DEV.

HPE DEV builds, communicates, and collaborates with developers and operators in an open community, with the aim of making the deployment of applications across traditional and cloud infrastructures simple and effortless. Part of my job includes working hand-in-hand with HPE DEV engineers, encouraging them to share news and tutorials that are pertinent to the overall community. I also report on different topics – chasing news stories at events with Sir Hackington and bringing more awareness to open source projects from HPE, such as Grommet.

Methods to Facilitate Engagement

The HPE DEV website and our monthly Newsletter were put in place to enable better communication and collaboration between HPE DEV developers, UX designers, and you. You may have noticed some recent, minor modifications to these platforms, although nothing overly dramatic. I believe in the adage “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” Still, that doesn’t mean there isn’t room for continued improvement. Over the next few months, you’ll see me reaching out in different ways to learn more about how you prefer to engage. I’d like to understand more about who you are and what you do. You may see a couple of quick surveys come your way. I encourage you to take the time to fill them out so I can learn more about your preferences and find easier ways to engage.

Part of facilitating collaboration is helping you get to know the HPE DEV team members and what roles they play. To that end, I’m in the process of developing some short videos that introduce the different team members to you. You’ll see these come out in subsequent newsletters. If there are other suggestions you might have to help foster more collaboration within the community, I’d love to hear about them.

I look forward to engaging with you more closely as we grow the HPE DEV community. Please feel free to connect with me on Slack at hpedev.slack.com at @Dale Rensing if you have something specific, you’d like to discuss. You can also follow me and the team on Twitter @HPE_DevCom.