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Create agile infrastructure with HPE OneView API based automation

Christopher Pasek

The HPE OneView Python SDK v5.2 is now available, providing support for HPE OneView 5.2 (REST API version 1600) and Image Streamer 5.2 (API 1600). This release leverages new Python standards, including refactored base classes and the introduction of mixed classes, and now supports 30 HPE OneView managed resources.

HPE OneView takes a software-defined, programmatic approach to enable agile management of infrastructure with efficient workflow automation, a modern RESTful API, and a comprehensive partner ecosystem. By automating the provisioning of physical infrastructure on-demand, using software-defined templates from HPE OneView, this integration allows administrators to create a resource topology and user experience similar to that of a public cloud on their own physical infrastructure.

The HPE OneView Python SDK allows developers who use the Python language to programmatically control HPE OneView managed resources using infrastructure-as-code for physical compute, storage, and fabric resources. Infrastructure-as-code enables complete datacenter automation, significantly increasing reliability, compliance, and deployment flexibility. HPE has provided a wide range of examples to help you use the OneView API and test functionality.

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