Open source and partners
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Open source and partners
Such an exciting month! HPE has revamped its open source website, highlighting the many open source projects in which HPE is involved. HPE Ezmeral partners, like Run:AI, are contributing to our community, and the popular Munch & Learn Technology Talks continue to gain momentum. Stay tuned… even more excitement is on the way!

Make sure you stop by the HPE DEV Hack Shack to view the newest HPE OneView PowerShell Advanced Scripting Workshop-on-Demand. You’ll also want to check out the HPE DEV blog to read some really interesting posts on open source and data fabric. Remember, our HPE DEV and Grommet Slack channels are always available if you want to connect and start a discussion.

The HPE DEV Team

p.s. The HPE DEV Community Portal is getting a whole new look and feel. Watch for it in mid-March!
On Demand Workshops
New HPE Open Source Projects Website
Learn about the numerous open source projects HPE proudly supports, uses, and contributes to in this post.
Data Fabric
Solving the Challenges of Sharing GPUs
GPUs for AI can be expensive. You want to get the most out of your GPU resources, both on-premises and in the cloud. Here, Run:AI explains how.
HPE Ezmeral Data Fabric
Find many of the blog posts that were written under the MapR brand (recently rebranded as HPE Ezmeral Data Fabric) here:
Munch & Learn Technology Talks
Want to know what’s queued up for our next technology talk? Missed any of our Munch & Learn sessions? Don’t worry. You can view the schedule of upcoming talks and replays here.
Brad Chamberlain opens up about Chapel
The technical lead for open source computing programming language, Chapel, discusses his aim to make it easy enough for every coder to program a high-performance computing (HPC) system in this interview.
New HPE OneView PowerShell Advanced Scripting Workshop-on-Demand
Explore some of the advanced features of the HPE OneView PowerShell library in our newest on-demand workshop. Learn how to query HPE OneView to collect info on resources as well as how to write a simple script to automate HPE OneView configurations.
Accessing iLO Redfish APIs and HPE OneView APIs on Ansible AWX
This tutorial will teach you how to set up a custom Python environment for the Python iLO REST Library and the HPE OneView SDK in order to access iLO Redfish APIs and the HPE OneView APIs from an AWX job.
DevSecOps: What it is and where it's going
DevSecOps isn’t just about software code security. It’s also about maintaining compliance with various industry and government regulations. Experts offer advice on how to do just that in this post.
HPE DEV Newsletter Archive
Find what you may have missed in any of our previous newsletters by visiting our archive.
On Demand Workshops
HPE Ezmeral \\ Analytics Unleashed
March 17, 2021
Join Kumar Sreekanti, CTO and Head of Software, and Robert Christiansen, VP, Strategy, Office of the CTO, to learn how to boost your analytics factory into hyperdrive through a number of sessions and demos.
Data Fabric
Munch & Learn: Data Science Unplugged Part 1
March 24, 2021
Ellen Friedman hosts Doug Cackett, EMEA Field CTO at HPE, who will cover how data is transformed to create meaningful business value.
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