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Welcoming New Faces and New Roles
Hey there, Alex Mejias here. Just wanted to introduce myself as the new lead of the HPE DEV community program. To give you a little background about myself, I’ve been working with the program leads and the HPE DEV community for over a year– driving events and helping to build this new community. During this time, a team of talented engineers created the HPE DEV portal, the heart of the program, helping many developers like yourself find open source solutions along with a welcoming place to collaborate.

As someone who has written and contributed to open source software for over a decade, I understand what it takes to ensure a healthy, productive, and happy community. I can’t wait to share with you what we have planned for the HPE DEV program this year. If you haven’t already, join our Slack workspace where you can discuss open source, HPE products, feedback, or even sci-fi movies.

By Alex Mejias, HPE DEV lead
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Discovering HPE DEV – A Newcomer’s perspective
This month, the HPE DEV community welcomes a newcomer to the group, Dale Rensing. Dale is excited about the HPE DEV and HPE Design groups and the opportunity to raise awareness of what we have going on. If you’re just learning about what HPE has to offer for developers and designers, check out her blog.

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News from the Community
The HPE DEV blog is a great place to get the latest news and updates from the community. And, over the last few months, we published some great articles! Click on the links below to read the full blogs.
Design Thinking Workshops at TSS Brighten a Rainy Week at the Paris Expo
Dana Lynn, Lead Experience Designer, attended the Technology and Solutions Summit mid-March in Paris along with other members of the HPE Design team to deliver Design Thinking workshops to conference attendees. Dana talks about the workshop format and explains the methodology used to help participants expand upon ideas in her blog.
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Hacking away at the Paris Technology and Solutions Summit (TSS)
Didier Lalli, Distinguished Technologist, also attended the Technology and Solutions Summit mid-March in Paris. He describes how the HPE Hack Shack provided a great venue for customers to talk with HPE DevOps and DevIT staff and get comfortable with HPE REST APIs in his blogs.
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Coffee and Critical Alerts
Starting the day right usually includes a good cup of coffee and the confidence that you are on top of things. Curious as to how you can use HPE OneView Global Dashboard’s 1.7 release Critical Alerts feature to help you start the day off right? Brad Stanley offers tips on how to create a custom report and schedule it while enjoying your cup o’ Joe.
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It’s a brave, new cloud world out there. Are you ready?
Cloud adoption across an enterprise is a major undertaking, fundamentally changing how IT works. Using software, a business can now manage their datacenter as code. This article delves into how to train your people for a successful DevOps approach to deal with cloud transformation.
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Developers and IT Ops: Finding the hybrid common ground
Trying to get different teams to collaborate is never an easy feat. Notoriously, no two groups are more difficult to get to work together than developers and IT operators. This article discusses how developers and IT operators can find common ground around making hybrid cloud the best long-term economic value for their organizations.
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Two IT industry analysts discuss taming multi-cloud complexity
Martin Hingley, IT industry analyst and President and Market Analyst at IT Candor Limited, explains how a new era of artificial intelligence, orchestration, and automation is helping enterprises manage diverse systems, multi-clouds, and growing IT complexity.
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Sir Hackington’s Corner (HPE DEV Events)
Make sure to mark your calendar for Google Cloud Next ’19, April 9th through 11th at the Moscone Center, San Francisco.

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Get Engaged
Input from our community determines our focus, so keep sending us your feedback. Got an idea on how to make our portal more useable? Drop us a line, and we’ll see about getting it added. Have some code or a technical blog you want to share? Chances are good someone else in our community is eager to see it as well. And chances are equally good, there’s some knowledge on our site from one of your peers that’s just right for your latest project.

Come join our growing ranks and see for yourself. The strength of our developer community is driven by you.

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