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Businesses have been significantly affected by the pandemic. This year, HPE is reaching out to help by expanding its presence to even more customers at the first ever HPE Discover Virtual Experience. The HPE Hack Shack remains an important destination for you at the event, where a variety of activities will show you how to accelerate your digital transformation and business recovery with Technology Workshops and Sessions.

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The HPE Devs
HPE Developer
HPE Container Platform REST API – Part 1: Authenticating
Learn the basics of programmatic access to the HPE Container Platform through its REST API in this tutorial.
HPE Developer
HPE Discover’s brand-new, virtual HPE DEV Hack Shack!
Experience the all-new, HPE DEV Hack Shack at the HPE Discover Virtual Experience starting June 23rd.
HPE Nimble Storage Python SDK
Extract even more value from your HPE Nimble Storage array by abstracting functionality into larger frameworks, whether it’s for custom automation, resource reporting, conformance adherence or any other business use.
Get involved in the open source community! Part 1: Getting started with Git
This three-part blog series will walk you through the basics of Git, step by step, covering four common use cases, including using code, reporting issues, sharing with the community, and contributing to a repository.
How to get started with the HPE CSI Driver and HPE Primera and 3PAR
Learn to use the HPE Container Storage Interface (CSI) driver with HPE Primera and 3PAR storage arrays and deploy a Wordpress site using persistent storage.
PharML.Bind COVID-19 compound affinity prediction
The open-sourcing of PharML.Bind, a powerful plug-and-play framework for drug discovery, is expected to have far reaching implications for COVID-19 research and how research is handled for other diseases. Learn how to take advantage of it.
Part 1 WOW – A practiced and perfected design process
Discover a tried-and-true method that helps businesses understand the merit of including UX design as part of product development. Part 1 shows how it can uncover potential pitfalls.
The neuroscience behind a design system
Design systems leverage our knowledge of emotion, attention, and decision making to optimize the experience users have with an application. Learn about the benefits the HPE Design System will bring to users.
Why containers will drive transformations in the 2020s
Every decade or so, a new IT infrastructure model barges onto the scene and changes the way organizations use technology. Here’s why containers and microservices are destined to define this decade.
HPE Developer
HPE Discover
Virtual Experience
Starting June 23, 2020
HPE Developer
KubeCon + CloudNativeCon EMEA
An Online Experience
August 17-20, 2020
HPE Developer
KubeCon + CloudNativeCon
November 17-20, 2020
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