Virtual experiences open the door to new possibilities.
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HPE Developer         Monthly #40
July is hot with news!
Virtual experiences open the door to new possibilities. For those who know and love the Hack Shack, we can now bring it to you virtually! Check it out in the blog post below, along with a whole lot of other news and tutorials.

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The HPE Devs
HPE Developer
Meet you in the Hack Shack!
Now that the Hack Shack is online, everyone’s invited to come in to learn, collaborate, and just have fun.
HPE Developer
Get involved in the open source community! Part 2: Sharing with the community
Create your personal GitHub account and start contributing to the community. Learn how.
HPE Ezmeral Container Platform REST API – Part 2
Learn how to deploy stateless and stateful containerized applications programmatically on Kubernetes clusters managed by the HPE Ezmeral Container Platform.
Introducing an NFS Server Provisioner for the HPE CSI Driver for Kubernetes
Test out some new features being offered as a technology preview with the release of HPE CSI Driver for Kubernetes 1.2.0. Your feedback is encouraged!
All HPE Composable Ecosystem SDKs now support OneView 5.2 automation
The HPE OneView team has been busy! HPE OneView 5.2 (REST API version 1600) automation features are now supported by all HPE OneView SDKs. Check it out!
Master the automation universe the easy way! Part 1: Introduction to StackStorm
To really remove human intervention from the equation, automation solutions require an awareness of the environment. Learn how StackStorm fits the bill.
HPE achieves gold for large-scale enterprise Kubernetes deployments
HPE’s accelerated commitment to fostering innovation with open source Kubernetes and container ecosystems gets rewarded by the Cloud Native Computing Foundation with the attainment of Gold member status. Read this post for lots of exciting news.
HPE GreenLake for private cloud
Looking for a private cloud solution that saves time and money, eliminates errors, and helps construct more predictable and reliable services? Explore HPE GreenLake.
App modernization stalled? Jumpstart your next phase of containerization
Discover how the HPE Ezmeral Container Platform eliminates the need to maintain separate cloud-native and non-cloud native application deployment environments, providing portability across on-premises, public cloud, and edge environments.
Hewlett Packard Enterprise unveils HPE Ezmeral
HPE’s new software portfolio drives transformation by helping organizations speed innovation, modernize applications, unlock the value of data and automate operations from edge to cloud.
HPE Developer
HPE Discover
Virtual Experience
Starting June 23, 2020
HPE Developer
KubeCon + CloudNativeCon EMEA
An Online Experience
August 17-20, 2020
HPE Developer
KubeCon + CloudNativeCon
November 17-20, 2020
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