More community activities
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More community activities
This month, HPE DEV is partnering with SlashData for a survey researching what’s top-of-mind for developers today. Later in January, we’ll be launching a new program – our Munch & Learn monthly community gatherings. These discussions will feature a variety of topics, including open source, Kubernetes, and HPE Ezmeral software.

Find our newest, highly-rated Workshops-on-Demand in the HPE DEV Hack Shack section of the HPE DEV community portal. And don’t forget to check out our blog. Remember, our HPE DEV and Grommet Slack channels are always available for you to connect with us.

The HPE DEV Team
On Demand Workshops
Calling all developers… Make your voices heard!
Take the SlashData developer survey and tell us what matters to you.
Data Fabric
New RUST and Python Workshops
HPE DEV continues to expand its Workshops-on-Demand, adding two new programming language intro-level courses.
HPE Ezmeral Data Fabric
We’ve begun hosting the HPE Ezmeral Data Fabric blog posts (formally written under the MapR brand). Many of the articles that we’re highlighting this month focus on machine learning:
HPE DEV Munch & Learn technical talks
Connect with experts of some of today’s most important technologies, including open source and HPE Ezmeral. This month’s discussion will discuss the value of data fabric and how it can run, manage, control, and secure the apps, data, and IT that run your business – from edge to cloud.
Introducing HPE Nimble Storage SDK for Go
Introducing the HPE Nimble Storage SDK for Go. Take advantage of the full suite of APIs to build robust applications using HPE Nimble Storage features and capabilities.
Dark Mode Theming in Grommet: Theme color customization
In the final part of this series, learn how to add custom light and dark mode colors to a theme.
Let's talk about machine learning
More than 80% of data science projects don’t succeed. So, how do we turn that number around? Give them what they’ve been missing: speed.
Video: Building dynamic machine learning pipelines with KubeDirector
For those who missed our KubeDirector session at KubeCon, take advantage of watching the video replay here.
Video: No More Moats
This video replay explores how to protect your cloud-native infrastructure with Zero Trust by building a solid foundation with SPIFFE + SPIRE open source projects.
Video: Community Integrations
Another KubeCon session replay, this video covers community integrations and other work in progress for SPIFFE/SPIRE projects.
On Demand Workshops
HPE DEV Hack Shack
Come on in and join in the fun! We’re always open.
The HPE DEV Community Hack Shack virtual event remains open between other events with opportunities to learn and have fun.
Data Fabric
Munch & Learn
Technology Talk
January 27, 2021.
This month, Ellen Friedman of HPE will host Ted Dunning, HPE Ezmeral Data Fabric CTO at HPE. He will be speaking about the value of data fabric and how it can be integrated across edge to cloud.
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