New releases, new features
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New releases, new features
Stay ahead of the game by keeping abreast of the new features and enhancements that are being made to popular software technologies. This month we feature releases with improvements for automation, accessibility, and resource management.

This month, connect with us at KubeCon | CloudNativeCon NA Virtual. Check out our newest Workshops-on-Demand in the HPE DEV Hack Shack. Or, collaborate with us on the HPE DEV community portal, our HPE DEV and Grommet Slack channels, and blog.

The HPE DEV Team
HPE Developer
New! Automate storage management through open source Ansible
Kickstart your Ansible automation projects with the newly released HPE Nimble Storage modules.
HPE Developer
The Hack Shack expands for premier Kubernetes event
As HPE amplifies its visibility at KubeCon | CloudNativeCon North America, the Hack Shack expands its free Workshops-on-Demand.
HPE Ezmeral Data Fabric
Many of the blog posts that were written under the MapR brand (recently rebranded as HPE Ezmeral Data Fabric) can now be found in the HPE Developer Community. See the latest articles here:
HPE DEV Hack Shack Coding Challenges: Are You Ready to Compete?
Show off your coding chops and compete with your peers in our new, virtual HPE DEV Hack Shack Coding Challenges. Read this post to learn more on how to participate in this fun community event.
Dark Mode Theming in Grommet: How to set up and apply a theme
In Part 1 of this 3-part tutorial, learn how to create a simple application to which you can apply a theme and later modify.
New Grommet release offers new components and improves accessibility
Learn more about the new Card and DateInput components and how SkipLinks has been reworked for accessibility.
HPE firmware updates: Part 2 – Interaction in operating modes
Explore the effects of different operating modes and how updates are handled in this continuation of the HPE iLO firmware update tutorial.
HPE OneView 5.4 Ecosystem SDK updates
Check out the newest enhancements including new methods for iLO configuration and default API versioning.
Create agile infrastructure with HPE OneView API based automation
Learn how the HPE OneView Python SDK allows developers who use the Python language to programmatically control HPE OneView managed resources using infrastructure-as-code for physical compute, storage, and fabric resources.
Open source Elasticsearch helped us globally support virtual labs
Follow along to see how HPE DEV used ELK to manage and monitor globally acquired data points 24/7 for workshop registration.
WOW: Part 3 – A practiced and perfected design process
Part 3 of this series closes out the discussion on how to use the information gathered in the first two parts to build a case that really articulates the business value of the design process.
The last mile of your container strategy
Most companies today are pulling vast amounts of data from the edge. Make sure you have a container strategy that serves your whole IT infrastructure, including the last mile out to the edge.
HPE Developer
KubeCon + CloudNativeCon North America
Virtual Experience
November 17-20, 2020
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