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Data science and security
So much data! How do you put it to use and ensure its security? This month, we’ll share a number of posts on our HPE DEV blog dedicated to just that. We’ll also highlight our two newest Workshops-on-Demand and reveal what’s happening in our Munch & Learn Technical Talks.

Don’t forget to keep an eye out on the HPE DEV Community Portal for any new updates and the open source website. Remember, our HPE DEV and Grommet Slack channels are always available if you want to connect and start a discussion.

The HPE DEV Team

On Demand Workshops
SPIRE Maintainer Reveals Passion for Information Security
Get to know more about the principal engineer for SPIRE, Agustin Martinez Fayo, in this brief interview.
Data Fabric
The Benefits of Industrializing Data Science
To follow up on our March Data Science 101 Munch & Learn, we’re posting articles by Doug Cackett in this and subsequent newsletters.
HPE Ezmeral Data Fabric
Find many of the blog posts that were written under the MapR brand (recently rebranded as HPE Ezmeral Data Fabric) here:
Free New eBook: AI and Analytics at Scale
Leading industry technologists, Ted Dunning and Ellen Friedman, offer lessons from real-world production systems in their newly released eBook. Get your free copy here.
HPE DEV Releases Two New Workshops-on-Demand
Check out our newest free, hands-on technical workshops; Managing HPE Cloud Volumes through API Calls and StackStorm 101. These on-demand courses leverage Jupyter Notebooks to give you an immersive experience in discovering how to use these new technologies.
Munch & Learn Technical Talks Revisited
View our updated blog post to catch highlights of some of the most recent Munch & Learn Technical Talks and see what’s planned for the immediate future.
Reserve Your Spot for our April Talk
Join us on April 21 to hear from Daniel Feldman, principal security software engineer, and Frederick Kautz, head of Edge Infrastructure at, on the specifics of building a foundation for zero trust with SPIFFE.
KubeDirector Podcast
Learn more about KubeDirector from its leading contributor and maintainer, HPE master technologist Kartik Mathur, in this Software Engineering Daily podcast.
HPE DEV Newsletter Archive
Find what you may have missed in any of our previous newsletters by visiting our archive.
On Demand Workshops
Munch & Learn: Building a Foundation for Zero Trust with SPIFFE
April 21, 2021
Daniel Feldman, HPE principal engineer, and Frederick Kautz, head of Edge Infrastructure at, discusses important security considerations.
Data Fabric
KubeCon and CloudNativeCon Europe 2021
May 4-7, 2021
Cloud Native Computing Foundation’s flagship conference gathers adopters and technologists from leading open source and cloud native communities.
On Demand Workshops
HPE Discover 2021
June 22-24, 2021
Meet us in the Hack Shack at HPE Discover, the best virtual event to prepare you for the next wave of digital transformation, powered by the rise of the Intelligent Edge and the vital data it creates.
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