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It's been a busy month for HPE Developer
Hi all. Alex Mejias here. As an HPE Developer community lead, I steer this ship alongside a very talented crew. The team has been very busy this month writing tutorials, code, supporting events like Google Cloud Next ’19, and planning workshops and Hack Shack challenges for more upcoming events. Check out what we’ve been up to in this latest newsletter.
From Developer to Manager to Freight Captain
Those making the journey from developer to manager will face many challenges. Drawing on his own experience, HPE Developer lead, Alex Mejias, offers sage advice on how focusing your efforts on guiding the ship will ultimately lead to success.

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News from the Community
The HPE Developer blog is a great place to get the latest news and updates from the community. And, over the last few months, we published some great articles! Click on the links below to read the full posts.
Terraform Provider for HPE OneSphere
This tutorial shows the basics of how our HPE OneSphere Terraform provider is used to interact with the HPE Hybrid Cloud Management Platform. In this post, HPE Developer team member and fullstack developer, Pramod Reddy Sareddy, walks you through how to deploy a virtual machine in HPE OneSphere using the HPE OneSphere provider.
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HPE OneView Ansible Module Now Available with Support for HPE OneView 4.1
The Ansible modules automate the provisioning of physical infrastructure on-demand using software-defined templates from HPE OneView. The HPE OneView Ansible module v5.3.0 now supports HPE OneView 4.1. Get the latest here.
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Creating a Powershell Module as a Wrapper for the HPE Global Dashboard REST API
Attendance at the HPE Technology Solutions and Summit (TSS) in Paris gave HPE Developer community member, Rudi Martinsen, an idea. In one TSS HPE Developer Hack Shack workshop, he was exposed to the new HPE OneView Global Dashboard REST API and was surprised to find that there was no HPE OneView Global Dashboard Powershell Module. Here, Rudi offers up his own Powershell module to work with HPE Global Dashboard.
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What’s New with Grommet 2?
Over the past year the team focused on making Grommet components more capable and more bite-sized, with everything fitting together even better. In this post, Chris Carlozzi, head of HPE Design, explores some of the recent release updates that improve Grommet functionality and the value those changes bring to the community.
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Virtualization is NOT Cloud Computing
Understanding how cloud computing is different from previous models and technologies will help you reap the most benefit out of this architecture, whether you are an IT ops administrator or a developer. Learn more about it in Jeff Krenek’s post.
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Working Together to Solve the Challenges of Hybrid and Multi-cloud
In this post, Dana Gardner, Principal Analyst at Interarbor Solutions and John Abbott, Vice President of Infrastructure and Co-Founder of The 451 Group, provide advice on how to decrease complexity, control costs, and close a widening skills gap that challenge enterprise growth in hybrid cloud implementations.
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From Traditional to Agile Software Development – Changing Culture, Processes, and Architecture
Agile software development involves the entire organization and a commitment to change three important pillars: culture, processes, and software architecture. See how Wayland Jeong, former VP of Product Management at HPE, describes moving from traditional to agile development. The process involved the entire organization – from management and collaboration to software development and testing.
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IT’s Vital Role in Multi-Cloud, Hybrid IT Procurement
Rhett Dillingham, Vice President and Senior Analyst at Moor Insights and Strategy, discusses the complexities of managing different workloads on and off premises. Business units are once again seeking the help of their IT departments to cut through the chaos and ensure business safeguards are in place. Read more about it in this post.
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Sir Hackington’s Corner
HPE Developer Events
Our frolicking HPE Developer team mascot, Sir Hackington Appbuilder III, reports on the HPE Developer presence at Google Cloud Next ’19 in April, highlighting its support of HPE SimpliVity in light of the HPE/Google partnership announcement.

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HPE Developer to Attend KubeCon + CloudNativeCon Europe 2019 in May
HPE is a sponsor for KubeCon + CloudNativeCon Europe 2019 in Barcelona, Spain, May 20-23, 2019. At the HPE Developer booth (G3), the team will be showcasing Containers-as-a-Service and Kubernetes Clusters-as-a-Service, as well as persistent storage for Kubernetes.

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