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HPE was founded on a vision of contribution—to technology, society, and community—so it is unsurprising to find beneficial contribution and collaboration regarded as a vital pillar in the company’s business strategy. HPE is committed to open standards and open source and leads by example to work collaboratively and openly share our best practices with others.

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From its formation, HPE has been a company that has emphasized innovation through open collaboration. In the early days of Hewlett Packard Company, this was called the “Next Bench,” where one engineer would make use of the tools created by the engineer working to his or her right and would subsequently develop tools that would make their neighboring engineer’s job better or easier.

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Today, the industry has extended open collaboration outside of individual companies through working with communities of developers to innovate and develop interoperable solutions that get to market faster, often exhibit higher quality, and help each participant advance its business objectives while enabling industry innovation. This approach is called the open source model and represents a fundamental shift in how software is developed.

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Grommet came to the world from four individuals inside Hewlett Packard that wanted to make designing a modern web experience for enterprise companies (or anyone really) easy. Working day to day, the designer and developer hand off is always a point of contention when it comes to our productivity and ensuring a unique vision is delivered to customers—So that’s where the Grommet team started.

The Grommet team's goal is to continually enhance our toolset and make better experiences easier to create.

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