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Dale Rensing

Meet the Team

Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) is committed to open standards and open source. Contributing and collaborating on technology, community, and society developments are the pillars of how we operate. A perfect example can be found in our HPE DEV and Design community, which is all about collaboration in an open-source culture – connecting with developers and designers from all over the world, sharing information, ideas, best practices, inside jokes, and memes. It’s a cool group to hang with, and I’m really enjoying the time I spend with them.

As a leader in the technology industry, HPE has the advantage of being able to recruit some pretty inspiring personalities, and this group is no exception. Who are these technologists? What makes them tick? I'll be helping you get to know them better in my Meet the Team blogs, starting with this one. And yes, I promise there will be more to come.

To kick off this series, I’d like to introduce our HPE DEV and Design leads, Alex Mejias and Chris Carlozzi. Having developers, designers, and researchers work as closely as they do is key to cultivating agile software development processes and creating engaging customer experiences. It’s also a bit like having Starsky and Hutch at any of our events, given the crowds they attract.

Both Alex and Chris have extensive backgrounds in conceptualizing, prototyping, developing, and designing software. But did you know that Alex used to do design work on infographics? He’s a very humble sort who won’t tell you this, but I was actually very impressed to learn that Alex has a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Graphic and Interactive Design.

Chris also has a Fine Arts Degree from a very prestigious school in my neck of the woods, Massachusetts. Equally unpretentious and good humored, Chris was the co-developer for Grommet, an open source UX/UI development and design framework. Another fun fact -- Chris loves to design video games in his spare time. Hack Shack Attack! is one he and Alex worked on together that you can play today. Both Alex and Chris are very approachable and invite you to connect with them on Twitter. You can reach Alex at @LazersAlex and Chris is at @chriscarlozzi. You can also connect with them on Slack.

This challenging, fast-paced environment requires a strong operational person to make everything seamlessly come together. That’s where Christina Duran, our Operations Manager, comes in. She’s the one who helps make the Chief Design Office magic really happen. So, without further fanfare, take a look at this video, which adds some personality to the names. Enjoy.