Christopher Pasek

HPE OneView Python SDK now available with support for HPE OneView 5.0

January 8, 2020

Use HPE OneView software-defined intelligence to save time and effort

The HPE OneView Python SDK v5.0 is now available, providing support for HPE OneView 5.0 (REST API version 1200). The HPE OneView Python SDK allows developers who use the Python language to programmatically control HPE OneView managed resources. It also provides for the integration of popular automation tools based on Python, such as Ansible, with HPE OneView. These capabilities enable complete datacenter automation using infrastructure-as-code for physical compute, storage, and fabric resources.

In addition, the HPE OneView Python SDK code was refactored. SDK code now resides in two different repositories; HPE OneView-Python and python-hpOneView. Going forward, the HPE OneView-Python repository will be updated with the latest SDKs. The python-hpOneView repository will support legacy SDKs for existing customers who do not wish to change their client code.

For more information about the HPE OneView Python SDK v5.0 release, please go to:


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