Didier Lalli

Calling all developers… Make your voices heard!

May 28, 2021


HPE DEV partners with SlashData for its State of the Developer Nation 2021 survey

As technologists, your world is always changing. And you want to stay on top of what’s next. To understand these trends and what is important to engineers today, SlashData runs its developer survey twice yearly. The survey is expected to reach more than 36,000 developers across 159 countries to better understand who they are, what tools they use, and what they need.

HPE Dev will once again be joining forces with SlashData as a media partner for the Summer 2021 developer survey. Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE), a technology and everything-as-a-service company, understands the importance of developers and how working with them is key to improving the way people live and work. We know that data drives business decisions, and so we encourage all our HPE DEV community members to take this survey and make their voices heard.

SlashData's global, independent research gathers data through a detailed survey which covers almost every aspect of a programmer's life. The survey reaches out to millions of developers to get diversified opinions. It is available in multiple languages and dives deeply into 12 important areas such as web, cloud, IoT, games, ML/AI, and data science. While this in-depth survey may take 20 minutes of your time, your effort will will be rewarded by helping to drive change that meets your future needs. You might also be rewarded with a prize, since they run prize drawings worth more than $15,000 USD during every wave.

The survey covers programming languages and tools, skill sets, and the resources developers use. It also focuses on key technology areas, including cloud, AI, machine learning, and game development. Using the data acquired through this research, SlashData produces “State of the Developer Nation” reports twice a year. You can find these free reports here. The data derived from these reports makes its way back to technology companies to address the current needs of developers around the world. Use these reports yourself to understand how the industry continues to evolve and make the right choices for your business.

The survey opens on June 9th and ends August 4, 2021. Although it’s promoted by several other media partners, we would grateful if you could use our link to participate in the survey because it will provide us with specific data on how we can best address your needs. Feel free to forward this link to customers, partners, colleagues and friends who might also be interested in participating.


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Calling all developers… Make your voices heard!

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