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Didier Lalli

Please meet my friend Patrick Duverger. After 3 years in France Telecom and 7 with Compaq/HP, Patrick made the decision, 12 years ago, to leave HP for a new position as CIO and partial CTO for the city of Antibes, a charming 80,000 inhabitant city on the sunny French Riviera. I met Patrick at HP when, together, we settled the Adaptive Enterprise (AE) Lab in the HP facility of Sophia Antipolis. He was the "software" guy and I was the "hardware" guy. Together we built many crazy and fun demonstrations which were used during keynotes at an HP Software event called HP Software Universe. The highlight of the AE Lab happened when Carly Fiorina, our CEO at that time, used a "magic" pen to sign a paper form which automatically kicked-in the provisionning of a new server within our demo web farm (using ProLiant BL10e at that time!). What a blast! After his departure Patrick continued his very active life as an open source developer. He has a few active projects but the one we will be focusing on here is called freeDatamap.

freeDatamap is a JavaScript library which makes it easy to represent any kind of data in a very interactive 2D or 3D graph. It frees developer from having to worry about the representation allows them to focus entirely on the business value of the data. It is quite an interesting value proposition, feel free to check out the freeDatamap website for more details.

Over a beer one evening, Patrick proposed to show me how freeDatamap could be used to represent objects and their relationships in HPE OneSphere. I provided him with an account on one of HPE's platforms and showed him details on how to use the REST API and the JavaScript bindings before he left. The next morning he sent me a link to the first representation of the live data model in the HPE OneSphere platform in freeDatamap. I was blown away by the result, and by the guy. But that was not all, Patrick continued to enhance the code while on holidays with his family in La Reunion Island. "It is fun to code on the beach" he told me.

We decided to use his freeDatamap/HPE OneSphere integration during HPE Discover in Madrid in the Hackshack, as a perfect illustration of what code contribution means. Patrick won an honor award for this very creative work. We hope to continue this very fruitful collaboration around HPE's products APIs. Patrick received a Kano Kit delivered by the HPEDev team representatives in their Sophia Antipolis, France facility. We are pretty sure he will take good care of it. Congratulations Patrick!